Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday 5

I've finally started to crawl out from the depression, so here are 5 things to give you a little kick after the election.

1 - I love this Secret commercial. Check it out here.

2 - I have a feeling that the girls might be getting some of these Wonder Woman pieces from The Gap.

3 - I can't wait for the new season of Vice's States of Undress. It's a smart show about fashion but it's not really about fashion. I really enjoy it!

4 - As a young girl I listened to this song  by Ry Cooder all the time. It's called Women Will Rule the World. I love this more recent song about girls ruling the world but Ry's song will always make me smile.

5 - As I collect myself and my thoughts and plan my forward motion I am reminded of a new site I joined called Skillshare. You can learn all kinds of different skills on the site. I also really like Coursera which is free. Coursera connects you to courses from universities all over the country.

Still taking deep breaths and working to keep an open heart. How is everyone else doing?