Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Road Trip: State Fair of Texas!

Big Tex

With the cooler air and the slower work schedule we decided to take a road trip up to Dallas to visit the State Fair. I had never been to the State Fair of Texas but had been trying to convince Evan to make the trip for the last few years. Evan had an itch for a road trip and since it was fall I talked him into the fair. As it turns out this was the first trip for all of us.

One of the things that I was most looking forward to at the fair was trying out some of the unusual fried foods. We (Evan) started out with a Fletchers Corny Dog which he said was delicious.

We moved on from the Corny Dog to:
Fried Biscuit and Gravy (least favorite by far)
Holy Moly Carrot Cake Roly (The Best)
Fried Loaded Baked Potato

We had a little picnic at the boots of Big Tex. The bit of Lemonade that I drank was perfect. Evan and Sadie fought over the majority of it. We watered down the Lemonade for Sadie any time we picked some up but she is a fiend for it.
Gulf Coast Fried Shrimp Boil Balls and Southern Chicken Fried Meatloaf

The Carrot Cake was the Big Tex Choice Award Winner.

Lemonade Hog

The Kids Boardwalk was fun and a nice chance to get Sadie out of her stroller to check things out. 

The Fair Grounds isn't a traditional fair location. It's essentially in downtown Dallas. It is surrounded by the Natural Science Museum, The Music Hall, and The Cotton Bowl among other things.
My baby got her first tattoo

She saw a momma and baby piglets.

One if the coolest things I saw were the chicks hatching.

We didn't spend much time on the Midway since Sadie was a little young for the rides.

 And we passed on the Smokey Bacon Margarita since I am pregnant.

 We visited the Fair the same weekend as The Red River Rivalry between the University of Texas and Oklahoma University. Texas won!

 We also spent a fair amount of time in the huge Auto Show. Evan started looking online for truck prices as soon as we got to the hotel.  We didn't stay for the concert as the kiddo was getting super cranky. We left the house without a stroller like rookies! Thankfully rental strollers were available. It was a lifesaver. The Fair was so big with so many things to see and try that I feel like we just got a little taste of it in the 5 plus hours we were there. We will be more prepared next year!
Sleepy girl!

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