Sunday, October 30, 2016

October at the Beach

I'm not the first, and will not be the last person to tell you how much I love fall.

But the fall that I think of is a little further north from us. When I think of fall I think of a Midwestern or Northern fall. I think of cool weather and leaves changing, the normal fall stuff. Down here in Texas we don't get a lot of that. We do get a few cooler mornings and the weather dips below 90 sometimes but it's still a little toasty for bonfires and s'more roasting. The leaves do change down here but it's normally just straight to brown. Because of this, I don't really get much of a fall feeling down in Texas until November which is quick because before you know it, it's on to Christmas.

I've tried to roll with it. I pull out my scarves and boots and try not to sweat while wearing them. I enjoy our cooler weather, bring out some coffee to drink on the deck in the mornings. But I haven't really found things that are better or that can be a fun tradition or extend a fall feeling during our Gulf Coast Falls until last weekend.

My sister lives in Galveston and invited us down for the day to hang out at the beach. The Texas beach in October is awesome! The weather was beautiful and a little cooler than normal, about 75 degrees, the same temperature as the water. We were joined by my dad, and my brother and his family. I was so nice to have the family and all the cousins together to run around and play. It was he perfect day for a beach picnic. We kept it easy with some chips, fruit, and pizzas and were able to drive right onto the beach.

Frankie Rose practicing walking with her cousins Emee, and Willow.

Sky taking a snack break.

Cousin love! Willow, Sky and Frankie.

Sadie was a big fan of the kites. She calls them helicopters.

Soccer, frisbee, and kites all at the some times and place.

Everyone loves Papa!

The kids built sandcastles, swam, and searched for shells and sharks' teeth on the beach.We pulled out the beach chairs, and kites and had one of the most fun and relaxing days I've had in a while. I was ready to get up early the next day and drive back down and do it all over again.

I  had never thought of the beach as a fall thing to do. I always thought of it as a summer only thing (which is probably why I don't go that often, it's hot!) but I think we will have to make it a new family tradition.

Anyone know of any other things in the South that are better in the fall? I'd love to know.

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