Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Honeymoon: London Part 2

Yes we did the hand heart, no I'm not totally embarrassed by it!

We had so much fun in London. You can see what we did inside the city here. On our last full day in England we headed outside of the city on a guided tour. This is the first tour of this sort I've ever done. I normally like to roam around myself and get lost several times. This tour basically took you to and from places and then when you get there you can explore on your own. We had a great experience with it. Here is where we went.

Windsor Castle

The Queen's (or the sovereign's as they say in these parts) weekend shack. We got to see the changing of the guard during which the military band played Earth Wind and Fire's Say that you Remember, I'm not kidding. The church on site was very interesting as well and had many former Kings and Queen's buried inside including Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, the Queen's mom and dad and our (America's) last King.

We got to wander around the castle a little bit and see all of the imperial treasures amassed by the royal family. 


I really wish we had had more time in this sweet little city. It's in the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside. The reason for the trip to Bath was to see the Roman baths. It's so amazing to me that the ground builds up around ancient buildings so much so that you build on top of them and have no idea that they are there.

Nerd alert! I also got to see where Jane Austin lived in Bath!


This is the whole reason we went on this little bus tour. You can take a train to Windsor and to Bath but not to Stonehenge. I was thrilled to get to see it! It's just in a field across from a field of sheep. People drive by it everyday like it's no big deal. Seemed a little odd to me but it was exciting to see it.

Like I said earlier I don't really do the organized tours but this one was really good. Our guide was amazing. This is what he looked like.

Normally he would also have a long black umbrella hung on his arm as well. This is not his uniform, he just likes to dress this way. He knew everything about everything and had everyone laughing the entire trip. He was able to point out man made hills and old chalk drawings on the sides of hills, the oldest jail cell in the UK (it's a little round thing on the side of a road) and why they were there. Things we would have missed if we were just driving by. He could also give you pub recommendations and let you know which tube station to get off at to get back to your hotel. If all guides were this good I would probably go on more tours.

London had great shopping and for the most part really friendly people. It was a really expensive city. Plus the fact that we are getting around 60 cents on the dollar didn't help. But it was worth it for sure. There is so much to do and learn in London. I would love to go back and shop more, (even with the weak dollar) go to the Tate Modern, and visit a few more places outside the city.

What do you guys think? Did I miss anything super fun and cool?

I'll be back with some pictures from Paris later.

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