Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday 5

Here are some fun things from this week.

1 - Is anyone not watching Unreal on Lifetime (yes Lifetime)? If you aren't watching you are missing some trash-tastic awesome TV! I have never been one to watch any of the Bachelor or Bachelor-like shows but this scripted show about the behind the scenes drama for an unscripted show is great! It's in it's second season and it's some good binge watching.

2 -LOVE this recap of The Karate Kid! I will never see this movie in the same way ever again! Check it out here. Its a fun reminder of how easily perceptions can change. Go Cobra Kai!

3 - One of my favorite sporting events is currently happening. The Tour de France! I love coming home from work and turning on the DVR and watching the day's ride unfold along the beautiful French countryside and wind through the picturesque small towns.

4 - It might be ok to be moody and a worrier sometimes! Good news for me.

5 - The Juno space probe reached Jupiter this week. Here is a link to some other cool things to check out in the night sky this year.

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